Memorialize a loved one

When someone close to you dies, it’s almost always a devastating event. Still, while your loved one is no longer with you, there are ways to keep him or her in your mind – one of the most common ways to do so is through a memorial. This can take many different forms – if you’re in charge of drafting a memorial program for the funeral or if you just want to take it upon yourself to create a memorial website, there are options open to you thanks to the many different memorial program templates that are available over the Internet for free.

The More Traditional Approach

It doesn’t matter if you’ve stepped forward of your own accord to draft a memorial program for your deceased loved one or if there’s simply no one else who can do it; it still needs to get done. However, you don’t have to lose sleep over it – especially when there are legitimate reasons to not be sleeping. The vast number of free memorial templates to be found on the Internet means at least one will suit your needs, and this will take the guesswork out of drawing one up from scratch. All you’re going to have to do is to choose a few pictures of the deceased to place within the template, fill out important information such as the names of anyone who will be speaking at the memorial ceremony, the names of family members for the person who passed on, and dates of birth and death. Thankfully these templates are designed to be easy to use – especially by those who are in morning.

There’s only one decision that you’ll have to make on your own, and that’s what kind of printing run you’re going to use once you finalize your design. For small, intimate memorial services, you can easily get away with just using your home printer, but if you anticipate a large crowd, you will likely need to consult a professional print shop to get the job done. Professional outfits can offer some extras that at-home printing lacks, such as laminating or other services that will make the memorial programs last – the extra expense is often worth it.

Modern Digital Memorials

Sometimes you don’t have to worry about the traditional memorial. Perhaps someone else has already taken care of it, or a decision has been made not to make one. Even if this is the case, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a modern digital memorial in the form of an online website. Many companies offer their services in helping to create a custom website through the use of an online template of their own. Many of these options are low-cost or even free; in the end, the process doesn’t differ much from creating a traditional memorial or funeral program, save for the fact that you won’t need to print anything out. In addition, creating an online memorial, while possibly more ephemeral than an actual printed memorial program, offers the opportunity for friends and family members who can’t make it to a funeral service to still be able to pay their respects without being there in person.